Why not go for a walk on Wednesday?

Tennis shoes on and walkers ready to go.

One of my co-workers organized a walk today at lunchtime.
When I opened the meeting invite I read it and my first reaction was, a walk for an hour?
But I decided that the walk wouldn’t kill me. And it would get me outside and away from my desk for a good and healthy break. And maybe get some socializing in with people I don’t see often or get to chat with lately.
Apparently about 25 said they would come and eight showed up.┬áBut it was Week 1. And there will be times when I want to go and something will come up at work where I won’t be able to go.
So the eight of us took off and had a beautiful walk. We walked to a trail along the water. The hour went by quickly. (And I am not even a fast walker.)
Years ago when I decided I needed to run–instant cardio and it can be done anywhere. While training I tweaked my right knee. And every once in awhile it flares up a little. Today during the walk it did. So I made sure to take care of myself. I just walked a little slower until my knee felt better.
Once we got back to the office I was super hungry. I, along with a few others, immediately went to the kitchen to get our lunches ready.
I felt great the rest of the day and it flew by.
When I got home this evening I headed to Hatha yoga class. So I am feeling really great right now: an hour of walking outside, an hour and a half of yoga, healthy eating all day long; water and decaf tea for hydration.